A welcome guide for Eva, your Dedicated Social Media AI Assist, showing its efficiency and specifications.

This, your AI Assistant, helps you make sure you never miss the reviews, queries, and feedback of your audience round the clock. Takes the responsibility of making your inbox zero. Also, it provides effective responses efficiently to your customers.

This July, two of the top most trending news contains both these hashtags, “Facebook” and “Artificial Intelligence”. Before going to know about the rumor- “Facebook shutting down AI”, let’s examine the opinion clashes between both Facebook CEO and Tesla CEO regarding AI’s performance advancement.

Content Recommendation

Basically, the most confronted form of native advertising on the internet is Content Recommendation. You are leading your life on the recommendations of your surroundings. In this organic yet organized lifestyle, you never know what you are going to see and what tunes you to do what. Recommendations might come to user’s attention irrespective of their fields of interest. So, to acquire the user’s impression and close interest on your blogs/products/services by your content, you need to provide more relevant content that your user wants to dig.

What we currently have now is ANI (artificial narrow intelligence) that is Google search, chess algorithms, self-driving cars, spam filters, IBM’s Watson, Amazon’s Recommendations etc. In other words, the intelligence narrowly confined to be very good at a particular task but this is not anywhere near the AGI (artificial general intelligence) which means the human-level intellect, whereby the program will be able to consciously make decisions over wide range of topics, have the ability to analyze, reason, and most importantly learn. This Artificial Intelligence is nothing but plagiarizing the brain. At this point, once the AGI is reached, the time till it becomes ASI (Artificial Super-intelligence) might be very short since once the artificial intelligence engages in constant recursive learning, its rate of getting smarter will itself increase to the level far surpassing all of our ingenuity combined.

In the process of building brand awareness, social media is a sure-shot crowd puller. But the way how social media management is necessary to hit the right audience, same way the customer engagement i.e., bringing up those organisations managing to interact with their customers, to monitor their discussions and to engage with their loyal reviewers is necessary. This post will explain how you can automate Facebook Ad comments management using Eva, a Social Media AI Assistant.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the part of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines that behave like humans. A computer program with Artificial Intelligence performs various activities. The applications of AI are used in various fields such as Gaming, Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems and Vision Systems.

About Movie:

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Here we are with the third part of the blog series ‘Decoding the Issues with Sentiment Analysis’. As we know there are a very few aspect-based sentiment analysis startups or companies, which makes it all the more harder to deal with,

In the previous part of the series “Decoding the issues with sentiment analysis”, we talked about ‘Phrase detection’, ‘Shortcuts and Spell Checks’, ‘Codemix Parsing’ and ‘Co-Ref resolution’, we looked into how they affect the analysis and how FeltSo is trying to overcome them. We hope you liked it and like this one as well, here we have covered some very important problems with sentiment analysis, so let’s take a look.

Creating a great marketing strategy is not an easy task, we have to see what the customers want and require, what will make them trust our service? How do we give them the best experience? This information as to what the customers want is given to us by the customers themselves